This series is a fun and witty

10 Mar This series is a fun and witty

This series is a fun and witty social experiment that puts Canadians notorious politeness to the test. Armed with hidden cameras, Will Sasso ( MADtv) and a team of comedians travel across Canada toying with real people on subjects that divide and unite us, and poke fun at what it means to be Canadian. The series works to irreverently poke fun at what it means to be Canadian, stretching our famous sense of humour to new limits, from our propensity for politeness to our acceptance of a multitude of taxes.

outdoor led display Westar Energy Pocket Park: The first of the eight pocket parks to be completed, this park on 8th and S. Kansas Avenue has solar panels fashioned above it that collect and send energy to the Westar solar energy grid. It also includes an LED light display at night and is a Wi Fi hot spot. outdoor led display

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hd led display 8. “Hail, Caesar!” ”Would that it t’were so simple.” No single line this year has echoed in my mind as much as Alden Ehrenreich’s earnest rube Hobie Doyle trying so, so hard to please the refined Laurence Lauretnz (Ralph Fiennes, also a standout in “The Big Splash”). The Coen brothers’ “Hail, Caesar!” came and went with little fanfare, but this is a slapstick lark that just gets more dizzyingly delightful with every viewing.. hd led display

Mini Led Display It time to read children toilet training books; have a sibling or friend or parent demonstrate; give a few step by step lessons; and maybe even have some bare naked play time before the bath to help her see and feel what happening down there. You might even have a jump start training weekend. Pick a time you will be at home. Mini Led Display

indoor led display He was then sent off for a CT scan to be sure all was well. Karl handled that surprisingly well at first he was all squirmy and unhappy, but they had me talk to him and he calmed down and fell asleep. Carl took some pictures (hey, first cat scan, why not use it as a photo op?) and we went to wait for the results. indoor led display

DRAKE CAGGIULA. 6. Registered his first ever NHL point on an assist on the Pitlick goal on a big league play: Drew the D man to him, then dished off a perfect pass for the one timer. I may flip though stories at Flipboard and First Round Review or watch pictures delivered to me by newsletters such as Bored Panda, Pinterest and such. I can really enjoy nice graphics, street art and emotional stories captured in a single picture and I get motivated and energized from examples of people out there in the world doing something wonderful. Reading is like a holiday to me.

“He literally walked this community and knocked on every door,” Calistro said. “Everybody knows this family; I’m not special. This family has talked to everybody. And Mrs. Claus. Follow the town elves and parade to Davis Avenue in downtown Pass Christian for the Holiday Open House, street fair, live music, photos with Santa, children’s activities and an Arts Crafts Village with almost 100 vendors.

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led display FILE In this Jan. 16, 2015, file photo, Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential nominee, speaks during the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting aboard the USS Midway Museum in led display San Diego. Romney charged into the increasingly divisive 2016 GOP White House sweepstakes Thursday, March 3, 2016, with a harsh takedown of front runner Donald Trump. led display

4k led display Then I used the chart to convert this to a hex value. So the hex code for the digit 2 is 0x5B. I did this for all the digits 0 through 9. Bond was set at $5,000 this week when a 25 year old Deforest man made his initial appearance in Dodge County court on a felony fleeing charge. Christian Barry allegedly led an officer on a high speed chase through several townships at speeds up to 130 miles an hour. The officer tried to pull him over for a busted tail light 4k led display.