a person stopped by looking to rent a two bedroom

30 Sep a person stopped by looking to rent a two bedroom

Self government and having an economic base) (Kellough, 1980).While racism had its roots in biology (Frideres, 1993) colonizers enforced colonization by forcing a survival of the fittest, or “Social Darwinism” through policy (Kellough, 1980, p.360). Biological racism had been replaced by social/cultural racism that claimed the colonized culture as inferior and structural racism became dominant.Colonizers enforced colonization through cultural/psychological methods such as; redefining Aboriginals’ realities, and educating Aboriginal peoples to believe they had no worthwhile culture of their own. This led many to feel ashamed, worthless, and have low self esteem for being Aboriginal (Kellough, 1980) The colonizer would only take into account their own perspective of history and attempted to wipe out the colonized people perspective.

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