Now they don have the coasters and the chances of the company

10 Mar Now they don have the coasters and the chances of the company

Keith says the science so far suggests that the benefits could well outweigh the potential negative consequences, particularly compared with a world in which warming goes unchecked. The commonly cited drawback is that shielding the Sun doesn’t affect emissions, so greenhouse gas levels would continue to rise and the ocean would grow even more acidic. But he suggests that solar geoengineering could reduce the amount of carbon that would otherwise end up in the atmosphere, including by minimizing the loss of permafrost, promoting forest growth and reducing the need to cool buildings.

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Citizendium is not an experts only project; anyone who is willing to contribute under their real, verified name and maintain a minimal biography is allowed to edit articles. This policy is designed to create a more collegial atmosphere. Although joining Citizendium is therefore not an instantaneous process, through this policy, the site benefits from very little disruptive editing (“vandalism”), which is more common on open wiki projects such as Wikipedia.

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