You are a good mom, doing so much research and thinking about this move. Blech, it makes me wince. I know that for many this is a cultural identity issue, and that is different in my mind. The most popular event at Milk Money is the Bag Sale, held twice a year. Passersby will know when it Bag Sale Day because the line winds down the street with customers clutching their empty bags ready for a shopping spree. For $10, customers get to take away everything they can fit in the bag.

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junk jewelry The Elizabeth Fry Society, which runs a shoplifting cessation program for women, says the reasons for shoplifting are multiple, from kleptomania (compulsive stealing) and depression to drug addiction and peer pressure (wanting what your friends have is a special temptation for teens). There’s also the adrenalin rush that comes with stealing no doubt part of what makes shoplifting, according to many experts, an addiction. The study also found that more than 40 per cent suffered from moderate or severe depression junk jewelry.