Stay versatile and protected on your next alpine scramble with

01 Oct Stay versatile and protected on your next alpine scramble with

The exterior and interior of Oldway Mansion is used as Lighthaven’s town hall. The Old Customs House in Bayard’s Cove, Dartmouth is the location of the Coroners office.[11][12]The set for The Black Dog Inn is the derelict Crooked Spaniards Inn, Cargreen, Cornwall. The tower at Gribben Head, Cornwall featured in the first episode.[13]A 16 year old teenager, Steve Kernan, is found dead at the foot of a tower and Detective Sergeant Davey Higgins believes it was a suicide, but Jane disagrees when the investigation uncovers an abusive father, a pregnant girlfriend, a possessive father, and Kernan’s best friend, Matt Wickens; he was with Beth Kennedy the night Kernan died.2″How to Catch a Lobster”Al SmithThree bodies wash up on shore during one month.

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