Now that a full time job, always reading sports pages,

25 Aug Now that a full time job, always reading sports pages,

7, the Chinese Communist Party paper, the People Daily, said that victims of sexual harassment should be shown support if they go public with allegations, and the Guangming Daily, another official party publication, said on Jan. 17 that the issue of sexual harassment in education cannot be ignored.But while the issue of sexual harassment has become increasingly high profile on campuses in China, there have in contrast to the United States been few public allegations of sexual harassment in other areas of Chinese society, including politics, business and entertainment.A third of Chinese college students say they have suffered sexual violence or sexual assault, according to data from the China Family Planning Association released in 2016, with the most common allegations being that they were harassed with sexual language and forced to kiss someone or suffered inappropriate touching.LOCKED THE DOOR The catalyst for a Chinese MeToo style movement came on Dec. She said he relented when she started crying and said she was a virgin.After conducting an investigation, Beihang said Chen was found to have sexually harassed students and was removed from his positions at the university.

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