You claimed that emotional harm is never a good excuse to

14 Jun You claimed that emotional harm is never a good excuse to

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canada goose coats If you needed a reminder that Canada doesn have free canadian goose jacket speech.No one Canada Goose Jackets wants people to get harassed Canada Goose Online but I feel freedom is always more important then giving up liberties in the name of protection. I know free speech isn all that popular among my fellow millennials but I ask if you be supportive canada goose coats on sale of having these same types of safe zones around butcher shops or pipeline construction?I just hate when lines are being drawn in the sand because then anyone in the future can come draw more which is why its important no one starts drawing in the first place.Edit. Freedom. We already have harassment laws that make it illegal to cause canada goose clearance sale someone emotional harm by threatening their life. Are you gofind going to argue for somebody freedom to Canada Goose sale do that too?There are nuances in everything. Stop looking at the world as being so black and white.You didn answer my question BTW so either do that or concede you selectively apply your values based canada goose clearance on your opinion. You claimed that emotional harm is never a good excuse to limit freedoms, and I cheap canada goose uk gave you harassment laws as an canada goose uk black friday example of when it is very obviously a good reason to limit freedom. canada goose uk outlet Your entire argument up to this point has been how freedom should trump everything.I don selectively apply my values. I think that abortion protesters shouldn be able to protest at a singular uk canada goose outlet person during a very vulnerable moment in their lives. I am more than happy to defend their right to protest the laws surrounding abortion at an event like the March for Life protest that happens annually in Edmonton. I don think protesting pipelines is a fair comparison because of the impersonal nature of it, which I thought I made clear in a previous post which you responded to.So freedom is speech is okay Canada Goose Coats On Sale unless what being sad upsets someone? Have we not learned how unreasonable of a position this is from the famous Cathy Newman interview?Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but nobody is entitled canada goose uk shop to be an asshole.And according to the people of reddit that is literally anyone they disagree with. She Canada Goose Outlet said the clinic has also been vandalized.demonstrators outside the Women’s Health Options centre in Edmonton four or five times a week.So I agree with what you said with lands being drawn in the sand, I really do. I hate virtue signalling and expression politics as much as the next person but context matters.People are not outside butcher shops and pipeline construction sites 5 days a week harassing and screaming insults and abuse into the faces of the people working there or walking to these places. They are not attacking and vandalizing butcher shops (not yet). canada goose black friday sale The frequency and nature of these is far different than other scenarios. People canada goose factory sale that go to abortion clinics are in incredibly vulnerable positions and are dealing with a Canada Goose online lot more than anyone else can comprehend.The only reason why a line is being drawn in the sand is because the people that are responsible for this legislation have canada goose done everything they can to get as close to said line as possible. If they got any closer than they would cross it, which is why Canada Goose Parka a theoretical line is being drawn.To put it in further context imagine an average scenario of a girl going to an abortion clinic and having to cheap Canada Goose walk past individuals that are yelling and screaming insults and abuse at you and than read what the Charter actually buy canada goose jacket says when it comes to freedom of expression and you tell me if it applies.Section 1 of the Charter permits Parliament or the provincial legislatures to enact laws that place certain kinds of limited restrictions on the freedoms listed under section 2.Freedom of expression in Canada is not uk canada goose absolute; Section 1 of the Charter allows the government to pass laws that limit free expression so long as the limits are reasonable and can be justified in buy canada goose jacket cheap a free and democratic society.The meaning of “expression” within section 2(b) has been read broadly as including any activity that canada goose jackets on sale conveys, or attempts to convey, meaning[17] to the exception of acts of violence canada goose coats and canada goose store threats of violence canada goose coats.