I really don like it when she tries so hard

20 May I really don like it when she tries so hard

How do I avoid hurting my ESFP friends feelings

Before I get into my problem with her, I say Canada Goose Outlet this. She canada goose outlet canada kind, she thoughtful, she hilarious, she wonderful as a person and I value her friendship deeply. Our friendship means a lot. She Canada Goose online genuinely special to me and I only asking the following questions in order to preserve our friendship.

So. My problem. I work with her. At the moment, I work a little above her. She is on a team I am responsible for. And, though I love her in informal friendship settings, she is incredibly immature and unprofessional canada goose black friday sale in situations that canada goose coats on sale require professionalism. We meeting with investors at canada goose outlet in usa the moment, canada goose factory outlet as we need funding for this project. She is manic, bordering on panicked in these meetings. It genuinely embarrassing to be in a canada goose factory sale meeting with professionals with her she stresses out in canada goose outlet parka front of them, scrambles for the answers to canadian goose jacket questions, has no sense of order when presenting canada goose our case, scatters notes across the table, interrupts me frequently, despite canada goose uk shop me being midway through a presentation.

I am also struggling with being technically charge of her. She Canada Goose Online is really quite unreliable she struggles to meet deadlines, and if I ask her for uk canada goose outlet something more than once canada goose store she takes it personally. If I ask a canada goose uk outlet question to understand what she meant by something in her canada goose outlet nyc Canada Goose Jackets notes, official canada goose outlet she canada goose outlet online uk takes it Canada Goose sale personally. She has a specific expression and tone buy canada goose jacket cheap that I know well; it means her feelings are goose outlet canada hurt and I may well hear about it later. If I take a moment with someone else on the team, she asks me later why she wasn included well, because it wasn your area and had nothing to do with what you working canada goose canada goose clearance jacket outlet on.

I love her, I care about her, but I getting very frustrated with her. How do I gently ask her to be professional at work? And how can canada goose Canada Goose Parka outlet store I help her stop feeling like she has to. I don know, fix things with me? She also getting to a point where canada goose outlet sale she can absolutely sense my frustration and as a result is trying extra hard. I really don like it when she tries so hard, I like it when she just herself but lately she been forcing humour, trying to be funny rather than letting it come naturally as it usually does to her, messaging me twice canada goose coats as much as usual, asking me if we okay canada goose outlet uk almost every day, and it driving me a little insane. canada goose outlet store uk I just want her to be a little more professional at work and know where the line canada goose uk black friday is.

I don want to hurt her feelings, but she seems canada goose outlet online to be so easily cheap Canada Goose offended at times. It getting to the point where I starting to get irritated with her in non work settings just because her behaviour is reminding me canada goose outlet uk canada goose reviews of what canada goose outlet uk sale she doing at work. I hate being technically her on this project, because as a person she wonderful, as an canada goose outlet toronto factory employee. well, I hate having to be critical of my friend.

I definitely start trying to assign more tasks that I know she canadagooseonline.info excels at, and I be sure to give canada goose outlet black friday her more positive reinforcement.

Do you think it be a good idea cheap canada goose uk to spend some extra time with her outside work? I get the canada goose outlet canada goose clearance sale feeling that she resentful or irritated with me at the moment, but I think some down time could help us get back on track. I just want to do whatever I can to make her feel better whilst reducing my frustrations. I know my canada goose parka frustrations aren her fault, it just appears that we have conflicting working styles.

Would spending time outside of work be a good idea in your opinion, or do you think buy canada goose jacket I should give her some breathing room?I definitely start trying to assign more tasks that I know she excels canada goose black friday sale at, and I be sure to give her more positive reinforcement.

This sounds like a great idea. canada goose outlet new york city It much better to canada goose outlet jackets focus on doing y task canada goose outlet shop instead of x because you great at y! than not doing Canada Goose Coats On Sale x task because you not as good I know you didn ask me but I personally would say, yeah, time outside of a working environment is probably good. It a different relationship when you at work (and technically her superior) than when you just hanging out.