It’s not appropriate to attack your own users

10 May It’s not appropriate to attack your own users

Education is the only way to do it, and in order to do that you have to have conversations about unpleasant topics. That is jut how it is. We shouldn desire to live in a perfect bubble, because that is a pipe dream that will never happen. In other words, start a new article, go into an existing article, even if it appears to have been primarily written by two Nobel Laureates, and make edits, add a paragraph, delete a sentence, that sort of stuff. Go to the Welcome to Citizendium page and correct some grammar, add a sentence or two. BUT don’t reformat the entire page, removing half the text and changing the colors.

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You need to make it tighter. Yes you are comfortable infront of the camera and you are even directing some of the shots which is great. But the video should be no more than half the length (just like this post im making now 😉 ) Dont repeat yourself as much and make bullet points.

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Controls are a problem, though, admittedly. I hate the touchscreen emulation of a typical joypad, and it hard to design around your hand getting in the way of the view. But I also played the hell out of the DS, and that had a pressure based touchscreen the size of a matchbook.