Stuff will have to be special ordered and then you’re going to

12 Feb Stuff will have to be special ordered and then you’re going to

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Uncle_Erik 15 points submitted 4 days ago

I have a question, are these cars bad “investments”? I don’t know anything about them. Let’s say I hypothetically had 80k to blow. This is dumb to buy, right?

Yes, very bad investment. If you had a spare $80k, just drop it into a no load index uk canada goose outlet fund until you Canada Goose sale can roll it into real property or another good investment.

Lamborghini is owned by VAG, which has worked extremely hard to earn a poor reputation for quality and durability. You will not be driving it anywhere as much as you think. You’re going to canada goose coats on sale spend huge money on service and repairs, plus don’t expect anyone to stock the parts. Stuff will have to be special ordered and then you’re going to Canada Goose online wait a few weeks for it to arrive and be installed.

Registration and insurance will be eye watering, too.

Then there’s the attention you’ll get. No, it will not be attractive women. It will be a bunch of old men who will expect thecanadagooseoutlet you buy canada goose jacket cheap to have a 30 minute Canada Goose Online conversation about the car. You’ll have douchebags in shitty modded Civics trying to race you. They canada goose clearance will also beg you to let cheap Canada Goose them drive it and you’ll have lots of “wanna trade?” buy canada goose jacket conversations with them.

Don’t even think canada goose uk black friday about unwinding it on the highways or back roads. The police will notice you. Do you think any cop goes back to the station and says, “you should have seen the 350Z I ticketed today”?

Nope. But the cop will be overjoyed to go into the break room after his shift with his ticket book in hand and announce that he nailed a Lamborghini today.

keyblade47 19 points submitted 12 days ago

He and Blunt have this 50M dollar opening and she starring in Mary Poppins later Canada Goose Jackets this year. You think they going to join the nearly dead franchise that is the DCEU? Why? No canada goose coats benefit for canada goose store them, no elevation, it a complete downgrade.

He might be approached, canadian goose jacket but he more than likely pass and hold out for a Marvel or Star Wars gig. As he should. Why would canada goose clearance sale he direct GL after the first one bombed and the franchise is a dumpster fire?

He not going to take a directing gig at the DCEU. Why would he?

Who in their right mind would join uk canada goose the cheap canada goose uk DCEU if Marvel presented itself? Seriously? Justice League, the DCEU biggest movie bombed.

What canada goose uk outlet if Marry Poppins cuts the legs off of Aquman the way canada goose Coco and Wonder (I still can get over the fact that Wonder took a chunk of JL audience away) canada goose jackets on sale did to JL.

Seriously, Marvel goes after heat, canada goose uk shop DCEU Canada Goose Outlet gets all the rejects. Wan locked in before BvS imploded and stayed on, good on him. Jenkins was their 2nd choice and fell into their lap out of heaven. Matt Reeves held out for complete control and he might have a completely different Batman.

Then we have Flash dudes that were denied by Marvel to direct Spiderman and weren asked back for canada goose black friday sale Spiderman HC 2 writing gigs (thank god Game Night was good so we have a chance for a decent Flash), and Ava Duverny who Disney didn want to keep in Canada Goose Coats On Sale their camp after her big CGI epic bombed with critics and at the box office

If I was him, I sign up for Fantastic Four under the MCU branding, bring my wife and see if I could direct it. canada goose factory sale That a WAY better Canada Goose Parka gig than the flimsy DCEU.