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cheap iphone Cases CALGARY Canadian energy executives view TransCanada Corp. Decision to scrap its $15.7 billion Energy East project on Thursday as just the latest multi billion dollar project cancellation in a string of abandoned energy proposals worth over $56 billion over the past year alone.Calgary based TransCanada announced it would not proceed with its massive 1.1 million barrels per day oil pipeline between Alberta and New Brunswick on Thursday after it had previously said it needed to understand the cost impacts of the federal Liberal government changing regulatory requirements.careful review of changed circumstances, we will be informing the National Energy Board that we will no longer be proceeding with our Energy East and Eastern Mainline applications stylishiphonecases, TransCanada CEO Russ Girling said in a statement Thursday.Explorers and Producers Association of Canada president Gary Leach said the cancellation should be viewed in the context of other major energy projects that have not proceeded in Canada, including the $35 billion Pacific Northwest LNG project, the $5.4 billion Northern Gateway pipeline and CNOOC Nexen cancelled Aurora LNG project, for which costs were not disclosed.common thread here is that Canada generally has displayed an unwelcoming policy environment and an uncertain approval process the rules are unclear, there are lots of opportunities to intervene and oppose, Leach said.Major oil companies have opportunities to invest in other jurisdictions and, for both companies, investment elsewhere looked more attractive given the constant changes to Canada regulatory structure, he said.Canada, I think this is a blow. We are deluding ourselves if we think Canada is a place with a stable, predictable investment climate cheap iphone Cases.