will start things anew? But that doesn make sense either

27 Jan will start things anew? But that doesn make sense either

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cheap jordans online The old saying; nothing is guaranteed but death and taxes well for the most part that appears to be true. The latest mortality studies show that death is pretty much a 100% certainty, the taxes well, let not go there right now. The fact is there is no guarantee in anything we do, but some things can be done to reduce risk of failure. This is the point where we need to discuss business survivability or success, so let me get on track with that thought. There are many thesis papers and lofty academic debates on both sides of the aisle on the topic of successes of franchises versus self startups. However, there is little argument that a franchise offers an existing business model, business startup assistance with site selection, lease negotiation assistance, proprietary operating systems and in many cases a recognizable name. It is common to say that franchising is an opportunity to be business for yourself but not BY yourself. Having support staff available that has already dealt with issues a new franchisee will confront is a comfort that many take to heart. There is also little argument that franchisors (the actual franchise companies) in business for 3 years or greater will typically perform dramatically better than a self start up in the same industry. cheap jordans online

cheap jordans So, now I am on the mend. The wound is just a hole about the size of a Q tip and Susie cleans and dresses it once day. It should be completely healed in another two weeks or so. I am walking a couple laps around the property each day with Liz (the Lab) which is about a half a mile. And in the last couple of days, I have started doing a few light jobs. Almost feeling human again, except for the weakness from the lack of exercise. I will have this colostomy for life of course, which requires some mental attitude adjustments, and also opens the door to a whole new world of jokes. We are trying to look on the bright side, such as I will never have racing stripes in my jockey shorts again, never have to desperately search for a port a potty, can discreetly bring wind in public without fear of embarrassment. So, it not all bad. I even get breakfast in bed! We call it the breakfast club. Our bedroom faces east and the morning sun has been streaming in during this fine autumn weather we have been having. So, I in bed with my tray, Susie pulls in a chair and has her tea and toast, while Liz lounges on the bed with me waiting for her in the way of scraps of toast. It won last forever, but it sure is nice. With the thousands of things to do around here, I am starting to feel guilty and will have to get up to speed soon to keep my end of the nursery going. Susie is still officially unemployed with only three more months to go before benefits run out. There will soon be some serious job hunting. What a glorious fall! cheap jordans

cheap jordans for sale Just in time delivery, another way go cut costs, would ensure that in case of a disaster, or a series of disasters, cities and gowns would be out of water, food, heating/cooling, cash, and medications very quickly. There is a workforce in developing countries, or where wages are very low and workers are quite powerless. I can tell who is cheap jordans from china going to buy the products if people don have the means, except luxury products and services for the ultra rich. What happens then, is that the overpopulation, as Malthus has said, will create vast pools of people who become a burden; What will happen to those millions and billions? It is an intresting question. The Romans didn develop technology nog because they couldn have but because their huge pool of slave labour in all walks of life, except the Roman legions, perhpaps, made timesaving and moneysaving technology needless. In our case, one can expect that environmental collapse will vastly reduce the population, and radiation effects, airjordanhot.com whether caused by nuclear exchange, even if limited, or nuclear accidents, which no power plant can be fully protected from, no matter how many layers of redundant systems of protection exist, will also cause illness, death, difficulty in conception. Plagues, viral and otherwise, such as biological, can also wipe out untold number of people. What the, what will happen? That a safely secreted away special group, power class, etc. will start things anew? But that doesn make sense either. What could be done, a drastic, or stepwise but serious reduction of reliance on consumption and reduced expectations by those who still have the luxury of expectations, can prolong and protect the environemntal and social collapse that is hard upon us. I suspect, with a great deal of sadness, grief and trepidation, that we cannot stop the collapse headed our way. Will we able to survive so that after a long time we may try another way of living? Maybe we can look to Oscar Spengler, and actually move toward creating a civilzation that is more on the model of the Greek one, or the Egyptian one, which at least seemed to be i n harmony with its environment, Maybe, tasked with the problem again, Jeremy Riffkin can come up with answers for what are worsening times then what prevailed when he wrote his book cheap jordans for sale.