The Corpses are regaining their humanity

22 Jan The Corpses are regaining their humanity

Now and then, a colleague would stick his head in my door and ask, ‘What’s with the freakin’ earrings, Jeff?’ I’d answer, “Oh, you know us old Bowie and Queen fans.” That was totally accepted as my reason for slowly becoming what they must’ve viewed as a California eccentric. I was let go on April 11th this year, and on that day, I went from being Leslie at home, behind closed doors, nights and weekends to full time, 24/7/365. So.

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Arc Words “We hated you from the beginning. And we loved you from the beginning, too.” Said at the beginning of every episode. “I will never give up on (my) love.” Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: By the end, Ginko and Kureha leave beyond the wall to somewhere else to be together.

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The empty syringe is changed to empty capsules, which doesn’t make any sense: you need special equipment to put medicine in capsules, and it is difficult as all get out to give capsules to unconscious or sleeping people (On top of that, the description at the beginning of the game is still that of Ace having been given the drugs via injection, presumably because there wouldn’t be any indication Ace had been drugged). References to Sugar Shack’s prostitution are removed. References to Joey Siegel being tied with the mob are removed.

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