As long as you have your EHIC

15 Jan As long as you have your EHIC

working to crack the case of a stray timmins chicken

Wily is his arch enemy, and Wily is out for revenge. Which, granted, is true of every Mega Man game after the first one, but if nothing else you can’t accuse this game of false advertising. Nintendo Hard: Often regarded as the hardest Mega Man game, ever, which is really saying something considering what competition it’s up against.

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Fake Bags Within seconds. Genre Shift: Of Mood Whiplash proportions in The Movie; when they get attacked by terrorists. No, seriously. When going away on holiday, the idea of needing hospital treatment is not usually at the forefront of your mind and thankfully serious incidents are rare. It is always best to be prepared though, and make sure you know what you need to do to avoid being charged extortionate amounts for your treatment. As long as you have your EHIC, an EOPYY doctor’s referral and are in a state funded hospital you can rest assured that any treatment you receive will be free. Fake Bags

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