The uniforms featured a yellow trident on a blue hat

08 Jan The uniforms featured a yellow trident on a blue hat

NASA/Bill Ingalls via Wikimedia Commons 2010: Queen Elizabeth II launches a page on Facebook. However cheap jerseys, no one is allowed to “poke” or “befriend” her and the page is actually run by a media team. Still, the Queen received more than 100,000 “likes” on the first day her Facebook page went live.

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wholesale jerseys He gets his food super fast, didn even line up just strolled to his seat and bam there it was on his table while the rest of us continued to wait and wait, but i digress.Chuck was by himself, just enjoying his meal. Took a pic or two with the staff and then was eating.Out of nowhere this huge group of kids, all of whom had some form of mental disability, just show up out of nowhere, with signs and all kinds of shit for him to sign, no idea how they knew he was here or if maybe they were just hanging at the airport figuring lots of NBA players would be making there way through that day, but nonetheless there they were.Now they were all very polite in that Canadian way, but they were definitely being very loud and slightly agressive but didn seem to really be aware of how they were acting, again wholesale nfl jerseys, most of these kids had down syndrome or some other form of disability.Chuck tried to contain the situation, staff tried to keep them back out of the eating area, but it just wasn happening. Chuck ended up abandoning his lunch, grabbing his bags and full on running (Well as much as you could call what he did running) across the airport to his security gate with a good 20 mentally handicapped kids chasing after him, some laughing, some fuming mad that he was leaving, but all in full pursuit.Lucky for Chuck security was right around the corner and he flew through the priority line and into the safety of the security check. wholesale jerseys

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