The theme song of Z2 Chaos follows suit

07 Dec The theme song of Z2 Chaos follows suit

Pacific: World War II US Navy Shipgirlsnote This is based on the title used on the Chinese versions of the artbooks. (aka Pacific: US Navy Fleet Collection or simply Pacific) is a Kantai Collection fanwork by ”Morgane of the Mists” and illustrated by. What began as a small Play by Post Game and collection of fan artwork by a small handful of people, is now an Alternate Universe Fic/ Expanded Universe to the main Kancolle game by adding ship girls from other countries, in this case from the United States Navy. Or, at least, that’s the basic premise. It is currently at two volumes, with the second volume still in the process of being fully released as of September 2015.

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Replica Hermes Birkin For some reason though, the vocalists sound like a gospel choir. The theme song of Z2 Chaos follows suit, but with a single female vocalist this time around. Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Kagura Saaya to Aya Saki going by the trailers for Z: Kagura. Though it’s subverted in the actual game and story (other than Kagura carrying twin swords and dressing similar to Aya), both the former have different personalities and fighting styles from the latter pair. Stance System: A staple of the series that also doubles as Real Time Weapon Change Replica Hermes Birkin.