All emerged and were created before capitalism in non

02 Dec All emerged and were created before capitalism in non

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moncler coats cheap Human exploitation has always been an opportunity for huge profits, but now it seems like these opportunities are everywhere. It’s moncler uk outlet permutating into every facet of life.Our food moncler sale outlet is tainted, our houses are highly mortgaged, our jobs are low wage, our news is tainted and lacking in objectivity, our politics are toxic, our internet is censored, our health is contingent on our wealth. We could be moving to a more fair and just society where we cheap moncler jackets respect the earth and each other. Instead it seems that we are succumbing to greed and hatred.To anyone who agrees with this: please try to love your neighbors. Try to find understanding and moncler usa at the same time try to learn all you can. Nothing will change until we do away with the economic system that forces our cheap moncler sale hand to be greedy backstabbers whose primary focus is to exploit and get one over on our fellow citizens.Inb4: but muh human nature. The human nature defense of capitalism has no basis in reality. As for the large majority uk moncler sale of human evolution humans were in cooperative non heirarchical hunter gatherer groups. It just best moncler jackets requires regulation. In the absence of the rule of law and regulators to enforce them, the corporation will exploit the most profitable solutions. If they don their discount moncler jackets competitors will. Ultimately morality is subjective when their is legal grey area. If it moncler outlet online is not going to hurt profits and is not punished, and if you aren doing it, your competitor is to your disadvantage.The solution that you are talking about is more akin to Communism or Socialism, which results in no competition. A lack of competition cheap moncler coats mens results in there being no diversity in terms of products and services. Having no competitors is problematic because it does not allow for others moncler online store to come around and rethink how to solve a given problem better. There just becomes the government solution and that it.You go for ice cream, you are getting chocolate or vanilla. The government has no incentive to branch out into other more innovative flavor solutions. Capitalism allows for Joe Shmoe to come along and come up with a new flavor that meets a smaller subset of the market. Even though the majority of people don necessarily want strawberry, enough people do that Joe can reap the reward for coming up with something innovative to the benefit of consumers.This might not matter to you as much, but what if moncler outlet instead Joe was moncler outlet store a small drug cheap moncler jackets womens company attempting to create a treatment for moncler sale a disease that only a few thousand children die from a year? The government in your example would have a “greater good of the many outways the good of the few” mentality and would simply not cover that treatment as it pulled resources away from problems affecting more people.Now what if Joe had a better way to cure heart attacks, but the government has already invested in its one solution and pays no heed to Joe because he is not the type of professional that fits their criteria for funding? Capitalism allows for people to convince a few risk takers of their moncler outlet prices vision for a competitive product, so that something unique and innovative can be brought to market.When you cheap moncler jackets mens take that away, you get a very limited pool of options to choose from. That all their is to it. We need to vote people into office that are willing to shape the system to something competitive, but moral. moncler sale online Capitalism is not the issue. It finding a way to strengthen regulations.First off, the majority of our species innovation has occured outside capitalism. Things like fire, the canoe, irrigation, horticulture, woodwork, smelting, cooking of food etc. All emerged and were created before capitalism in non heirarchical cooperative hunter gather societies, free of what we consider the free market.Secondly, perhaps the most stunning examples of human innovation occured decidedly outside of the free market. Things like the Large Hardon Collider, the moon landing, and the internet all were created outside of the free market.I feel your idea of capitalism is far too textbook. People create things because were a creative species. People would create a flavor outside chocolate or vanilla because they want another flavor. Its not some complex process that needs to involve free market dynamics.Give humans some credit. Your two modern examples are exceptions in that they were so costly that they could only be completed using government funding at the time. Even now though, corporations are building spaceships destined for Mars and the space shuttle is being replaced by reusable rockets that are vastly more efficient than the original government design. Even when capitalism didn exist, competition bred innovation. The competition was not only with other warring tribes, but with basic survival itself. People were focused on how to get food and protect themselves, which were practical motivators at the time. Now that basic human needs are met uk moncler outlet for the moncler outlet sale majority of people in first world countries, the drive for innovation is being fed by more sophisticated demands. We came up with a way to help define what is important to people, money. As soon as currency was traded, capitalism occured organically. It only natural for someone to raise the price of goods based on demand, scarcity, but also lack of competition, which is why we moncler outlet store had to define rules and regulations. In communist countries, black markets occur. People start trading by placing fixed values on common items as if they were currency. If you talk to anyone that left Ukraine when it was still communist controlled, they would tell you the same thing. There weren enough resources to go around because the system simply broke down due to a select few moncler womens jackets deciding everyone productivity requirements and income allowance. They planned poorly, which can happen to a company in a capitalist country, but instead with capitalism you have other companies that would have seen things differently and made the correct decisions. In that respect, communism is putting your eggs in one basket.These moncler outlet woodbury are issues in state prisons, not just private prisons.Using prisoners as free labour that competes with domestic manufacturing?Using prisoners to dispose of hazardous materials with no OSHA compliance?Exploiting a school to prison pipeline and encouraging atmospheres in prisons and in society to make sure you keep getting millions of free labour behind bars moncler coats cheap.