It’s pretty clear he expects some sparks to fly when Peewee is

24 Nov It’s pretty clear he expects some sparks to fly when Peewee is

This sort of song can be anywhere from optimistic and upbeat about recovering from the ‘miserable state of the world’ (‘aikoi’) to dark and foreboding about ‘oceans of tears’ and the ‘last sky’ (‘Red Moon’; the moon is also a symbol for enlightenment in Japanese Buddhism). Intercourse with You: Mostly she avoids this, and in interviews she and her singers have alluded to lack of romantic experience and/or celibacy on her part. The few more or less straight examples in her work use very florid, ethereal imagery (frequently focusing on hands, eyes, and kisses that would otherwise be implicitly chaste, which further complicates things since she likes this imagery in the rest of her mostly asexual body of work too) that deemphasizes the actual act.

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