But you need to understand that you have been an inspiration

19 Nov But you need to understand that you have been an inspiration

Bullies play a well known game. Their strategy is to intimidate. Sometimes they threaten us directly sometimes they threaten those we care about. However, these positive for controlling steel pipe market is limited, the current non performing loan ratio of domestic commercial banks are still on the rise, the commercial banks will continue to control credit risk in the first place, the steel industry, the credit crunch has not changed the situation, therefore, the tight steel industry funds is difficult to alleviate.[Supply] key enterprises in early December crude steel output is 1.749 million tons, an incremental 36,000 tons, the chain increased by 2.11 percent; daily 1.716 million tons of pig iron, 3.77% chain increase. Data also show that in early December, the statistical key steel enterprises at the end of the library of the late stock of 14.709 million tons, representing an increase of 395,000 tons at the end of ten days, an increase of 2.76%. In mid December the key steel enterprises crude steel output is 1.7819 million tons, the chain increased by 1.86 percent, increased to a new high nearly 2 month; 1,720,800 tons of pig iron daily, the chain increase of 0.30%.

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