Also while he couldn’t stand to save Miu from the fire he

18 Nov Also while he couldn’t stand to save Miu from the fire he

He demonstrated that he cared for her when she used the Seidou Gitsu move and desperately tried to stop her from harming herself and when she died iphone 7 case, he told her she was very strong and screamed out her name as she died, implying he might have reciprocated her feelings in some manner (though he constantly denies this and responds with his usual cold manner). Also while he couldn’t stand to save Miu from the fire he forced himself to get up to save Rimi.History EditRimi and RytoDuring Ryto’s childhood, he and Kenichi witnessed Miu’s martial arts skills, prompting the two boys to make an oath to become stronger. When Kenichi trades his cat badge for Miu’s Yin Yang badge, Ryto demanded the Yin Yang badge and was refused by Kenichi.

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