The non profit status of huge mega churches seems debatable

04 Nov The non profit status of huge mega churches seems debatable

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Canada Goose sale And who could work hard and write very fast. canada goose outlet store uk He has a huge number of books to his credit (I forget the number but it in the hundreds which probably tells you something about their quality.)The guys was constantly throwing out crazy ideas; and because of his charisma (and skill at bilking people (well, he also made a lot of money off his books)) he had people hanging around, writing all the crap down and feeding his megalomania. And it all got goose outlet canada turned into a religion (almost certainly for the tax relief such designation affords).The non profit status of huge mega churches seems debatable although this is on the other side of the exchange than the high prices charged by Scientology.However, if one revokes the tax exempt status of churches, then they DO get to engage in a lot more partisan politics, including endorsing specific candidates for office!! I canada goose outlet canada a tad unwilling to give them a free pass on this. Canada Goose sale

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