I did a search and it seems to be a known issue with Tassimo

01 Nov I did a search and it seems to be a known issue with Tassimo

canada goose Customer Flips Out After Tassimo Won't Validate Free Coffee Offer Noelia de la Cruz Jan. 19, 2012, 1:54 PM jaimelondonboyLooks like Tassimo failed to deliver to at least one of its customers this month (via The Consumerist). A customer tried to register her new brewer to receive two free packages of coffee allegedly promised in an e-mail from the Kraft Foods-affiliated company on Jan. 6, but her attempts proved futile. In an e-mail to Tassimo published by The Consumerist she described her experience: “I tried multiple times to register online and had no luck. I did a search and it seems to be a known issue with Tassimo. So I called, spent 15 minutes on hold and was disconnected. I then called back and after 10 minutes spoke to a customer service person who told me the offer is over and could not help with the registering of my machine. She then offered to have a TECHNICIAN call as she herself was not authorized to register my machine. Needless to say, they never contacted me.” This isn’t the first run-in Tassimo has run-ins with angry customers. Several Consumerist commenters sounded off, with one suggesting that Keurig, a Tassimo competitor, provides the better bang for coffee lovers’ buck: “I bought a Tassimo over a year ago, and couldn’t register it. It started to leak after a while. Customer service was of no help, so I got rid of it, and replaced it with a Keurig www.estrategias.de estrategias , which is grossly superior.” Not a good look for the company whose quality is constantly compared to Keurig’s. In 2011, the Coffee Makers Review blog proclaimed Keurig the winner for drink quality and function. Adding insult to injury, last year Starbucks ended its partnership with Kraft Foods, Inc. so it could terminate production of Starbucks coffee Tassimo T-discs following poor sales. Now check out 5 awesome kitchen gadgets for every budget > canada goose parka