An instant later, Matthews hit him in the midsection no lift

30 Oct An instant later, Matthews hit him in the midsection no lift

Pelissero reported that the tackles of Matthews on Kirk Cousins and Kendricks on Aaron Rodgers could be deemed illegal under a section of the rulebook devoted to roughing the passer that states.”A rushing defender is prohibited from committing such intimidating and punishing acts as ‘stuffing’ a passer into the ground or unnecessarily wrestling or driving him down after the passer has thrown the ball.,” with this addendum:”The technique of grabbing the passer from behind the leg(s), scooping and pulling in an upward motion is considered a foul.”There is a serious problem with this contention. Matthewswas in front and slightly to Cousins’ right side as he aimed a tackle at the quarterback’s midsection pretty much the lone legal hitting area on a quarterback,Cousins felt Matthews’ presence and rose up off his back leg to get enough on the throw. An instant later, Matthews hit him in the midsection no lift being necessary, with Cousins already partially off the ground andtook the quarterback to Lambeau’s green grass.As he did so, Matthews used his left hand to brace the fall, to make sure he didn’t put his weight on Cousins and violate that part of the NFL’s new requirements that quarterbacks should be treated as Lladro porcelain.There was no scoop and pull, simply a text book tackle in the midsection, and certainly nothing remotely close to Corrente’s pompous, postgame mistruth: “He picked the quarterback up and drove him into the ground.”He did not.

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