” Readers: Do you know of any other humans who cite tee vee

17 Aug ” Readers: Do you know of any other humans who cite tee vee

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moncler sale outlet No, we saw Brent Bozell and Gerard Alexander claim that the left sees Communist Russia as a “wonderful experiment.” Can we please see a clip providing evidence? Other than that one comment by Duranty in the 30’s? No? Well, then let’s hear Hannity change the subject to more attacks on liberals. Apparently, until the advent of William F. Buckley, the “intellectual elite” of womens moncler jackets the left sat as the self righteous ruling class. moncler sale outlet

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moncler outlet store As TypicalAuntyFan (name changed) tweeted at me during the flame war: “The moncler coats for cheap only people who care about ratings are Ad people/ Network exec.” To which I added: moncler coats for kids “And, oddly enough, Fox viewers.” Readers: Do you know of any other humans who cite tee vee ratings? Yet, that’s the very first thing and often the only thing you hear from a Foxifarian who is standing up for the network. They don’t defend Fox “News” for any of what are considered positive attributes in the news business: honesty, integrity, good news sense, intellectually stimulating, scooping the competition, clarity, compassion, good newsreaders, or high caliber reporting. Nor dare they mention its laughable and demonstrably false motto of “Fair Balanced,” because they know it to be an empty slogan. moncler outlet store

moncler outlet sale MacCallum couldn’t contain her enthusiasm about the Timster during her interview with sports columnist Pat Forde who thinks Tebow is https://www.moncleroutletssale.com moncler outlet awesome. MacCallum said, about Tebow’s end game successes, that “it is always that final minute thing that allows him to pull it out which makes people say ‘well, I guess somebody up there likes him,’ right?” When Forde said that Tebow’s good deeds, off the field, shows that he “walks the walk” of his faith, MacCallum moncler jackets men worked in the requisite poor, persecuted Tebow meme in saying that Tebow “caught a lot of flack” for his religiosity. Forde said that Tebow “doesn’t use his religion as a weapon but as a tool.” ROFLMAO, not like Fox News which uses Christianity as a great big cudgel with which to bash those who are not followers of the one, true, Fox faith. moncler outlet sale

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