After a restless night of twisting and turning in bed

09 Aug After a restless night of twisting and turning in bed

Intimidating Revenue Service: The plot of Ne r pas is set in motion by the visit at Achille’s place of a persnickety tax assessor. In a subversion of the trope, Achille’s father, acting as his tax advisor, turns the tables on the assessor and assails him with a mountain of paperwork. Intoxication Ensues: Inverted.

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There are several dangers of sleep deprivation. After a restless night of twisting and turning in bed, you will turn up groggy eyed. You won’t be as sharp or productive as usual. Previously very close teammates, the last conversation between Iron Man and Captain America has the latter in a cell, awaiting trial, and asking the former, “Was it worth it?” Later, an opportunistic villain assassinates Captain America on his way to trial, and Iron Man, confronted with his body, finally answers the question. Was it worth it? No. No it was not..

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An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Ryu’s kidnapping scheme. Asshole Victim: The organ dealers themselves were the more only ones who didn’t have any motivation behind their actions. Needless to say, their deaths by Ryu, which came off as Laser Guided Karma, came off as satisfying.

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