Some officers were seen taking cover behind their vehicles

25 Jul Some officers were seen taking cover behind their vehicles

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Replica Chloe Bags HomeNewsWorld newsLas Vegas mass shootingLas Vegas police says female companion of gunman who killed 50 at Mandalay Bay ‘no longer person of interest’WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Crowds were enjoying a country music festival when the shooter reportedly started spraying bullets from a balcony on the hotel and casino’s 32nd floor11:10, 2 OCT 2017Updated13:24, 2 OCT 2017Who is Marilou Danley? Marilou Danley had at first been described as a female companion and “roommate” of the suspect. It was later reported that she was identified as the shooter’s wife.She is said to have travelled with him before the attack.LVMPD tweeted: “Marilou Danley is being sought for questioning re the investigation into the active shooter incident. If seen please call 9 1 1!.”The force also posted a picture of Ms Danley.Later Sheriff Jim Lombardo confirmed they had located Ms Danley.(Image: Getty Images North America)As terrified revellers fled for their lives, officials received reports of an “active” gunman and patrol vehicles descended on the popular US Strip.Some officers were seen taking cover behind their vehicles, while others carrying assault rifles ran into the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) later confirmed that one suspect was dead and that he is believed to have acted alone.However, the force said officers were now searching for the female companion who had travelled with the suspect before the shooting.They are also looking for two vehicles associated with the gunman a Hyundai Tucson Nevada/114B40 and a Chrysler Pacifica Nevada/79D401.Terrified Las Vegas eyewitness forced to cut off Good Morning Britain interview as panic erupts during hotel lockdownDuring the horror attack, victims were shot with a high powered assault rifle, fired from the hotel’s 32nd floor, according to local media and witnesses.Police responded to the incident at around 10pm local time.In a media briefing held shortly after midnight, they reported that one suspect was “down”, but warned people to stay away from the area.LVMPD wrote on Twitter: “”Confirming that one suspect is down Replica Chloe Bags.