Well, at least they won’t be able to spread like weeds

02 Jul Well, at least they won’t be able to spread like weeds

He did it while he was waiting for Yuka to show up. The Only One Allowed to Defeat You/The Promise: A flashback of Yuka and Satomi’s younger days shows how Yuka made a promise to Satomi that she would not allow herself to lose a fight until they had the chance to face each other in the tournament. This gives Yuka the push she needs to defeat Jun.

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Later when Yuki meets Nogi the latter thinks that Yuki should play basketball due to “her” height. Interrupted Intimacy: Miki walks in on Yoshinori and Minamo about to have sex. It Has Only Just Begun: During the Yuki vs. Nicely done. I just wish I could pick up the almond note, I think this would be even more lovely for me if I could pick up the almond note. Alas, as it is, it is a lovely scent, I think this is more geared for the mature woman.

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