“Opposition lawmakers contend that the ruling is a blow to

30 Jun “Opposition lawmakers contend that the ruling is a blow to

Former Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban (CJ 2005 2007) also did not serve a day on the bench. His legal experience was strictly in law practice and teaching. Newly ousted chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno (CJ 212 to 2018) completes this triumvirate of Philippine chief justice with zero experience in judicial decision making.How did our legal system and constitutional history wind up in this morass of inexperience and superficiality? Why is Cory’s made to order Constitution so easily transgressed?How will Davide defend in court his contention that the eight justices should be impeached for ousting from office a chief justice who lacked basic qualifications for the job, and basic competence, integrity and probity?If these three personages had to pass through a confirmation process in the Commission on Appointments on their way to becoming members of the Supreme Court https://www.girlsbikiniswimwearsale.com, would they have escaped being asked by at least one impertinent legislator whether they have any experience as a judge?The Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) must explain to the nation why they summarily waived or set aside the requirement for SC nominees of 15 years’ experience in the bench in favor of private law practice and teaching.Senate resolution on quo warranto rulingThe Senate is also astir with talk of holding the Supreme Court to task for its decision to oust Ms Sereno as chief justice in resolving the quo warranto petition.The chamber will take up on Monday a resolution signed by 14 senators, including the Senate president and Senate president pro tempore, which will ask the SC to review its decision.The resolution seeks to express the sense of the Senate “to uphold the Constitution on the matter of removing a Chief Justice from office and respectfully urges the Supreme Court to review its decision to nullify the appointment of Maria Lourdes Sereno as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.”Opposition lawmakers contend that the ruling is a blow to judicial independence because it would allow President Duterte to destroy his opponents in all branches of government.Catalogued as Senate Resolution 738, the resolution was filed by Sen.

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