Most hero and villain code names are easy enough to read

22 Jun Most hero and villain code names are easy enough to read

No Pronunciation Guide: Generally averted. Most hero and villain code names are easy enough to read, since they’re fairly common words or phrases. The two that might be a little difficult are Balaam and Xelas. The name came from an early video in which John encountered the game Aero Fighters and, upon misreading the title as “Nerd Fighters”, wondered what he could do with an army of nerds. The nickname is widely and officially acknowledged. Fan Disservice: John’s “Fitness for Nerds” video, which contains an amount of belly that is far above the margin of comfort.

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Captain’s Log / Private Eye Monologue: Rorschach’s journal voiceovers. Censor Shadow: Amusingly inverted. Dr. Shame on me. I gave Republicans way too much credit than they deserved. Turns out they were way more ignorant and racist than I could ever imagine.

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Explosive Leash: On Brad. Fake Difficulty: You can’t buy healing items (though as with later games, this is justified as Filgaia is mostly a barren wasteland). You also can’t take back Personal Skill points once you’ve used them to buy skills. The Plan / Turned Against Their Masters: Once the human Ginji civil war is underway, Messala plans to use to a giant version of Geppetto’s amplifier to send out a signal to all Ginjin, changing their parameters to all Red and driving them into a killer frenzy. The Power of Love: Circuit J, which Messela neither fully understood nor saw coming. When it finally activates, a pinkish Wave Motion Gun erupts from Pino’s body and engulfs Messala’s airship.

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