Old Hero, New Pals: Most noticeable in the reboot of Tokyo

20 Jun Old Hero, New Pals: Most noticeable in the reboot of Tokyo

Anyone Can Die: No matter if you’re a thug, a corrupted cop or even the mayor, if you’re marked by X, then beware. Black and Gray Morality: X’s methods are questionable, to say the least, but the criminals and police officers he goes after are no less corrupt. Determinator: X is willing to do whatever it takes to clean up the streets of Arcadia.

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But he’s portrayed sympathetically, and has a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when he finally winds up with her. He is Johnny freaking Cash though. Happily Ever Before: The film ends at Cash’s performance of his Folsom Prison Album and marriage to June in 1968 at perhaps the height of his career commercially and only the beginning of his “superstar” period.

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Once Oliver gets to know him, they become fast friends. Jerkass Has a Point: Oliver’s father apparently cheated on Maggie repeatedly, and she’s very upset when he gets joint custody. The fact is, though, he’s still Oliver’s father, and by all indications, cares about his son.