Brits have embraced coffee culture in a big way and the

16 Jun Brits have embraced coffee culture in a big way and the

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Fake Prada Handbags (Picture: Mr Black)So yes, while you do have to pay 5 per drink at least you be spoilt for choice.There will also be the chance to try out unique coffee based cocktails, meaning day drinkers can get more of a caffeine fix than they bargained for.Which London bars will be participating in London first Martini Espresso Festival?The full list of bars is growing daily but to date includes:46 Mercy, 7 Tales at Sosharu, Beagle, Blind Pig at Social Eating House, Bourne Hollingsworth Buildings, Bourne Hollingsworth Prada Outle Fitzrovia, Bull in a China Cheap Prada handbags Shop, Clerkenwell Grind, Cocktail Trading Company, Covent Garden Grind, Drunken Oyster at Hai Cenato, Holborn Grind, Hot Box, London Cocktail Club venues, Merchant Tavern, Merchant House Bow Lane, Merchant House Fleet Street, Milk Honey, Original Sin, Sager Wilde Paradise Row, Shoreditch Grind, Soho Grind, Temple Sons, The Fat Bear, The Vaults and Treves Hyde.Mr Black founder, and the man behind the festival, Tom Baker, explained that the espresso martini festival seemed absolutely perfect for a London location, due to it being a 24 hour city full of and cocktail excellence and the fact the espresso martini originated in Soho made it the perfect fit.He said: we were ever going to expand our espresso martini festival outside of our home country of Australia then it had to be London. Brits have embraced coffee culture in a big way and the espresso martini means Londoners’ caffeine hits can run all day and into the night.(Picture: Mr Black)is one of those things that runs deep with people like sex and religion so we use our festival as an opportunity to bring people together and indulge a little.had huge success with the inaugural festival down in Melbourne last year, with tickets for the Friday night session selling out in 60 seconds so we thought we’d give it a spin here in London. Attend the festival, which will take place all over London within the bars listed above, you will require a festival pass, which can be bought for 10 here.(Picture: Mr Black)This festival pass will last you the entire three days of the festival so don worry about fitting every bar into one day.MoreStylish mum seven year old son is her Instagram photographer and it the cutestIBD sufferer accident after White Stuff store refuses to let her use the toiletMum calls out Morrisons for selling kids clothing based on gender stereotypesAll you need to do is flash your festival pass at each participating bar to enjoy some caffeine filled cocktails though you better act quick if you like to attend, as passes are limited and we can only imagine how many coffee and cocktail lovers there are around London Fake Prada Handbags.