This initiative began in Bangladesh immediately (when) the

05 May This initiative began in Bangladesh immediately (when) the

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canada goose store Huge cracks had appeared in the building on April 23 but Rana told tenants it was safe to go in.PRIMARK PROMISES COMPENSATIONBosses at high street giant Primark have said they will pay compensation to the families of their workers involved in the Bangladesh building collapse that took the lives of 400 people.The budget clothing chain occupied a floor of the eight storey building, and some of the workers injured and killed in the incident worked for a company that supplied the brand.In a statement released on its website, a Primark spokesman said: ‘Primark’s team in Bangladesh has been working to put in place immediate and long term help for victims of this disaster.’We have partnered with a local NGO to address the immediate needs of victims, including the provision of emergency food aid to families. This initiative began in Bangladesh immediately (when) the extent of the disaster became clear.’Primark will also pay compensation to the victims of this disaster who worked for its supplier. This will include the provision of long term aid for children who have lost parents, financial aid for those injured and payments to the families of the deceased.’Primark said it would be ‘reviewing our commitments constantly’ to ensure they meet the needs of the victims, and also urged other retailers who used suppliers based in the building to offer assistance canada goose store.