A bright white decal spells “McLaren” on the top tube

25 Apr A bright white decal spells “McLaren” on the top tube

The second time you were fired. It is the basis of everything. I make all my major decisions on other people based on that. Frequently I’ll go in there and pick up a guitar. I guess it is a retreat; I never really thought of it that way. If I have things that are bothering me, I’ll just go in there and pick up a guitar.”.

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On this particular morning, a special frame sits on the frontal impact rig. The Venge is an intimidating broadsword of a bike, with a menacing coat of matte black paint bisected on the down tube by a murderous red slash. A bright white decal spells “McLaren” on the top tube, the logo of Britain storied supercar maker and F1 racing team, and Specialized longtime technology partner..

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