To make that venture more profitable

23 Apr To make that venture more profitable

“Just by default when there a new arena coming, we going to get a little older just automatically,” said Eskimos president and CEO Len Rhodes. “So it up to us to keep up and keep investing. We have a beautiful stadium, Commonwealth (opened in) 1978 and is built so well, but we got to make sure that we have the appeal on the cosmetic side and bringing new features..

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Get Chris Conley to produce a video to use as an introduction at every home game. Use light and sound. Get some dramatic symphonic, movie theme esque, music to play at proper moments. So cities encouraged entrepreneurs to launch companies that could haul trash. To make that venture more profitable, businesses were offered cheap land on which to dump the trash. In most cases, those companies enjoyed what amounted to a monopoly if only because a rival company would need a great deal of land, a fleet of expensive trucks, and a big payroll to compete with the original hauler..

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