“I remember the two of us watching Michael Jackson on TV

27 Mar “I remember the two of us watching Michael Jackson on TV

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Hermes Bags Replica HomeNewsUK NewsMichael Jackson deathFlorida shootings: Ex love Liz Clare reveals how memory of James Kouzaris has inspired her to help othersA tattoo of the tiny fairy Tinkerbell on Liz Clare’s tummy is a poignant reminder of the love of her life.00:00, 17 NOV 2011Updated20:01, 12 MAR 2012James Kourzaris and James Copper (Pic:DM) Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA tattoo of Fake Hermes Bags the tiny fairy Tinkerbell on Liz Clare’s tummy is a poignant reminder of the love of her life.Tragically her sweetheart James Kouzaris was murdered on holiday in Florida in April, aged just 24.James, known as Jam, had paid for her Tinkerbell tattoo while the couple were at university, to symbolise staying young forever.Liz, also 24, from Stamford, Lincs, said: “The theme of Peter Pan was more info a big thing in our lives.”I remember the Designer Fake Hermes two of us watching Michael Jackson on TV, talking about Neverland. I said I loved the thought of never Hermes Replica Bags growing up.”The next day Jam paid for me to have a Tinkerbell tattoo.”Now it’s Jam who is never going to grow up. He’s always going to be 24.”It’s too devastating to think Hermes Replica Bags www.hermesbirkin35.com about, it still doesn’t seem real.”The town planner from Northampton was on holiday with best friend James Cooper, 25, a tennis coach, when they were found shot dead in a deprived neighbourhood in Sarasota, Florida.Tourists rarely visit the area and it is not known why the pair were there that night Hermes Bags Replica.