Christie, in particular, seems to have doled out punishment

18 Mar Christie, in particular, seems to have doled out punishment

When I got divorced we had three pair of oxen: his, hers and ours, and I shipped mine first because I couldn’t afford to keep all three of them and gave him back his pair and I kept the one we called ours. They’re what really taught me how to pull because they taught me every bad thing they could! They were naughty, there was so much they didn’t know and their mother (me) was learning right with them. And they learned, but together I learned how to read an animal..

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Legalized bribery a judgeship for my roommate in exchange for a vote for your dumb charter school plan helps keep it all going (and legalized punishment: Vote for my dumb charter school plan, or we start investigating your roommate text >Petty corruption isn necessarily in the public interest. Not every act of political thuggery is in the service of passing the Civil Rights Act. Christie, in particular, seems to have doled out punishment for political reasons, rather than in pursuit of major policy goals..

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