Furthermore, they come in bright packaging with bold letters

03 Mar Furthermore, they come in bright packaging with bold letters

Child Prodigy: Rina. What do you expect from an Academy student who not only has an instinctual grasp of genjutsu, but also figured out how to perform the Chidori simply by watching it? She does edge into Cloudcuckoolander territory, though. Continuation Fic Crapsack World: Lucia’s homeland is this to a degree, at least when compared to Konoha and the Land of Fire in general.

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Fake Bags Nonetheless, Kazuky advertise that his machine is fully functional. When countries will deliver him the warheads for disposition, he’ll secretly keep them intact and well hidden. Presumably, he’s going to resell them to the black market. Florence Nightingale Effect: Maris, crippled and depressed, falls in love with her healer. Evan has had relationships with his patients several times, but this isn’t seen as immoral within the story, and Evan never acts abusively. Foil: Nice Traditionalist Dorrel to Jerk Traditionalist Corm, and Nice Reformers S’Rella and Maris to Jerk Reformer Val. Fake Bags

Good lord, Collin. The only thing that keeps him from being a rapist is lacking the physical strength to subdue the average (or even below average) woman. He loses this entirely after the time skip. The mansion has a couple of death traps that utilize this by having the ceiling come down on its victims. In story we see many variations, mostly varying by time and circumstance. Depraved Bisexual: Marube is mainly attracted to women, but he admits that sometimes muscularity of men turns him on.

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