Are you guys worried about Robinson ball control? Watching

24 Feb Are you guys worried about Robinson ball control? Watching

What was originally scheduled as an Oakland home game featured Raiders music during stoppages, frequent “RAI DERS!” chants and Tommie Smith lighting the Al Davis torch in a memorable return to Mexico City nearly a half century after his Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics.”The Raider Nation showed up tonight,” coach Jack Del Rio said. “I want to send a shoutout to the fans that showed up. It was a great atmosphere to play in.”On a less celebratory note, there were also some homophobic chants during kickoffs like the ones used at soccer games on some goal kicks.

Played a good gameplan against them the last couple times, said Jones. Edged us out because of a few turnovers, but if we squeaky clean we win. Canadians were 5 1 in Vancouver last year, including a memorable victory over Australia, but a last second loss to Wales in their first match pushed the hosts into the consolation bracket..

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