Het is een waterrijk natuurgebied van 16

03 Feb Het is een waterrijk natuurgebied van 16

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canada goose femme Het nationaal vogelreservaat van Djoudj ligt in de delta van de rivier de Senegal. Het is een waterrijk natuurgebied van 16.000 hectare en bestaat uit een groot meer omgeven door beekjes Canada Goose Pas Cher en vijvers. Het vormt een levend, maar kwetsbaar gebied voor zo’n 1,5 miljoen vogels, zoals de witte pelikaan, de purperreiger, de Afrikaanse lepelaar, de grote zilverreiger en de aalscholver. Daarnaast zijn er in dit gebied dieren als de West Afrikaanse zeekoe en verschillende soorten krokodillen te vinden. Comprised of lakes surrounded by streams, the property is a vital but fragile sanctuary for species such as the white pelican, African spoonbill, cormorant, pink flamingo and great egret. canada goose femme

canada goose site officiel Criterion (vii):By its location, Djoudj National Park is more than a haven for Palaearctic migratory birds. It is an oasis in the desert consisting of a chain of lakes, backwaters, fords and sandbanks. It is the first migration stopover after crossing the Sahara for species of Palaearctic and Afrotropical Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher birds. It should be noted that due to technical improvements to upgrade the conditions of migration reception (building nest boxes), species began to breed. With the annual renovation of these improvements and efforts to control the hydraulic system, the number of migratory as well as nesting species is increasing. canada goose www.canadagoosefemmeprix.fr site Doudoune Canada Goose officiel

canada goose pas cher Criterion (x):The property is a wetland of around 16,000 ha comprising a large lake surrounded by streams, ponds and backwaters. This habitat hosts more than 1.5 million https://www.canadagoosefemmeprix.fr/ birds of 365 species including over 120 species of Palaearctic migrants. The property is a vital sanctuary for nesting species such as the white pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus), the purple heron (Ardea purpurea), the African spoonbill (Platalea alba), the great egret (Casmerodius albus), the night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) and the cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo). Following the start up of the Diama dam, located downstream from the park, the water balance of the property was severely disrupted. This resulted in the proliferation of invasive aquatic plants (Pistia stratoites, Lavinia molesta, Typha australis, etc.), the reduced amplitude of water levels, and decrease and / or disappearance of some bird colonies. No manner of exploitation is permitted except for scientific purposes. The property is managed by a management administration under the direct supervision of the State through the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the National Parks Directorate. This administration works closely with an inter village committee assisted by a team of eco guards involving local communities in solving management problems. With great effort, the State Party reduced the canada goose site officiel proliferation of invasive species representing such a threat that they must be completely eradicated. This effort is one of the management priorities of the property, even if the main concern is the restoration of the ecological characteristics of the property in the long term,rdea to ensure the return of the bird population to its previous levels canada goose pas cher.