0 petrol it cuts CO2 emissions from 140g/km with manual gears

01 Feb 0 petrol it cuts CO2 emissions from 140g/km with manual gears

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prada bag cheap Gucman works 30 hours a week busing tables at a country club in addition to school. She wants to help her parents, who send money back to Mexico. So she doesn’t have much time to read. The CVT will also save you money on road tax, or your company car tax bills. Hooked up to the normally aspirated 2.0 petrol it cuts CO2 emissions from 140g/km with manual gears to 129g/km.The 2.0 litre turbo petrol is only available with a CVT and returns just 33.2mpg on the combined cycle, which isn’t a great trade off for the extra power on offer. It’s expensive to buy, too, and won’t look that attractive to company car buyers either, with a C02 figure of 161g/km.The diesel predictably offers the best fuel economy of 49.6mpg, with CO2 emissions of 150g/km, and while it isn’t ultimately as fast, it develops the same 350Nm of torque as the petrol turbo. prada bag cheap

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