Four leaf clovers are also mentioned in several fairy tales as

09 Jan Four leaf clovers are also mentioned in several fairy tales as

Yarrow in particular was supposed to be most effective if gathered at noon on a bright day near a full moon.Four leaf clovers are also mentioned in several fairy tales as being made into an eye ointment which, when applied to the eye, allows mortals to see fairies and also see through fairy glamour.The BansheeThe Banshee is a spirit who appears shortly before someone dies.The Banshee takes on slightly different forms in different areas, but generally it is a female fairy or ghost, which is associated with a particular, old family. Occasionally she might also appear to warn of the death of a person who was especially gifted at music or poetry.The Banshee generally appeared in one of a few forms; either a virgin female of the family who died young, who would sing, or a shrouded, veiled woman who wailed in mourning. Sometimes she would crouch under a tree, and sometimes she would fly Cheap Canada Goose by the house, crying bitterly.

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