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canada goose ca But, of course, judges are not grammarians. They are experts in the law. Which is why one would hope that when this case is appealed and it will be they look to an expert in the same way they would if this case turned on the definition of a medical term or a the results from a chemistry lab..

ADVANCE FOR USE SATURDAY, MAY 13, AND THEREAFTER In this April 28, 2017, photo, Lee Ann Wentzel, center, superintendent of the Ridley School District, speaks with Kim Holdredge, left, and Sarah Messina during a graphic design class at Ridley High School in Folsom, Pa. School districts in Pennsylvania counties near Philadelphia have moved faster than the rest of the state, and the nation, in growing the roster of female school superintendents. Out of the 61 school districts in Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties, 21 districts are run by women, or 34 percent, compared to less than 29 percent of school districts statewide.

Unfortunately, my Nixie would capture me most often writing on the computer, but you can probably understand the appeal to those who are doing anything worth capturing on video. Examples given include mountain climbing, hanging out with a friend at the park, biking through a trail, and jumping off of a boat. Admittedly, Nixie isn’t that small, and it’ll be very noticeable on your wrist, but with what it can do, I don’t think many people would mind..

30, 2012)Editor’s Note: This story was first published in 2012Getting young children to bed on time has never been an easy feat. Recently, more and more parents have been turning to an “all natural” supplement, melatonin, to help induce sweet dreams. However, doctors have a warning for parents that melatonin might not be as safe and natural as advertised.”In one sense I can say I hate it, in another sense I can tell you it’s been a lifesaver for my daughter,” says Missy St.

Retired provincial judge Terry Shupe spoke to the charter’s ongoing legacy, one that is an inspiration for people’s rights in other countries. “It is a sophisticated Constitution, emulated by the rest of the world. And it is typically Canadian,” he said.

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