It’s impossible to do in the proper game, though

20 Dec It’s impossible to do in the proper game, though

Beware the Nice Ones: Michiru is one of the nicest characters around. But when Carmella tried to hurt her and her friends, she snapped and easily crushed Carmella’s core. Big Bad: Hakka Blind Without ‘Em: Subverted, Michiru can actually see fairly well without her glasses, she just doesn’t like seeing the rings around people’s necks.

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Still, almost inevitably, there is genius to be found. In the performances, of course in the way Hosseidi makes his Emad confident yet uncertain, believably loving yet frighteningly opaque, and the way Taraneh Alidoosti plays Rana in a blend of fragility and weariness but also in the way Emad breaks into an unscripted outburst during a performance of the play, screaming at a co actor he is furious with using words Arthur Miller never wrote. I also love how the mother of the child with the funny glasses determinedly practices her belligerent stage laugh..

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Nikolai falls in love with Marya while away from Sonya. Adaptational Attractiveness: Quite common for Princess Marya Bolkonskaya, who is described as “ugly” (but with beautiful eyes) in the novel. In the 2007 adaptation, she’s played by the stunning Italian actress Valentina Cervi while the Irish Jessie Buckley in the 2016 adaptation is equally lovely, if not as classically beautiful.

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