Her husband, Nitesh Prasad, answered and found a hooded man

20 Dec Her husband, Nitesh Prasad, answered and found a hooded man

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Canada Goose Outlet Three Auckland clothing store owners have been ordered to pay $20,000 each for allegedly hiring Black Power members to intimidate witnesses in an employment dispute.During the ERA’s investigation, two witnesses claimed they were intimidated by gangsters who warned them not Canada Goose Sale to show up at the ERA’s hearing.That resulted in a subsequent investigation, the results of which were made public today.According to the ERA’s decision, former Naari Collections Limited employee Kalpana Nandni was at home on the night of October 3 last year when a man came to the door.Her husband, Nitesh Prasad, answered and found a hooded man with numerous tattoos on his face, including Black Power across his cheeks and nose.”Mr Prasad said he told him and Ms Nandni that she should not be making trouble with her old employer. The man had explained that Black Power had been paid money to threaten Ms Nandni,” the ERA decision said.The man told them that other members of his gang had believed they should physically assault the couple, however, the man said he did not think that was the right thing to do.He told them specific details about the case and presented them with pictures of Nandni and her family.”Although the man who had visited them did not hurt them, she was very frightened to think that her family might be hurt by gang members,” the decision said.Before he left, the man instructed Nandni to call her old boss and let him know that the visit had occurred. He also said he’d be returning the following night.Nandni said she called Rhythm Ahuja, who denied knowing what she was talking about.However, she advised Nandni that “she should take care of her family and she should not go to the police because ‘they could not help people against thinks like Black Power who could do anything to people’.”The other witness, Renuka Kumar, said she received a phone threat from someoneclaiming to be a Black Power member on October 4.”The man had used profane language during the cheap canada goose outlet call and told her that she should withdraw her case from the Labour Department Canada Goose Outlet.