Event regularly draws crowdMajor Anthony Lowery of the Baldwin

26 Nov Event regularly draws crowdMajor Anthony Lowery of the Baldwin

But “my goal is to help those who are homeless to come in from outside and to access the services needed to get them into permanent housing, with the support needed,” Nelson said. “There are many statistics that show people who are living outside are more likely to have medical, mental and legal issues that go unattended. They are the most vulnerable people and the most likely to die because of their living conditions.”.

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fake ray bans BAY MINETTE, AL (WALA) Bay Minette police said an investigation will begin Monday after several of their officers were attacked while attempting to making an arrest at a large party in the Douglasville community. Sergeant Raymon Dixon with the Baldwin County Police Department says he does not believe any of the officers were at fault following the incident on Saturday cheap ray ban sunglasses http://www.raybansaler.com/, May 3.Event regularly draws crowdMajor Anthony Lowery of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office said they sent nine deputies to assist Saturday night at what locals call a “May Day” celebration held in the Douglasville neighborhood close to the Rainview Apartments.Locals say the May Day celebrations draw hundreds of people every year. “Everybody barbecues and has a good time but it’s just getting out of hand right now,” said Larry Naves, a retired deputy, whose mother lives in the area. fake ray bans

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