Vladimir crouched down, overwhelmed, his head bowed in silence

23 Nov Vladimir crouched down, overwhelmed, his head bowed in silence

Despite claims of 99.99% of luggage delivered safely, everyone I know seems to be in the.01% with a lost or mishandled baggage story. The TSA plays the safety card as a reason to rifle through your luggage confiscating your possessions as they see fit. That is if the baggage handlers haven’t already stolen your stuff and put it up on Ebay already..

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Finally, we reached the crypt. Vladimir crouched down, overwhelmed, his head bowed in silence. Then he slowly stood up. The company, which bought one of the nation’s oldest gypsum mines for $54 million in 2003, last sought to develop a scenic village across approximately 2,100 hilltop acres in 2011. Bureau of Land Management. Those negotiations ended without a deal in 2014.

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