After your first inspection of the dying plants

23 Nov After your first inspection of the dying plants

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Fake Designer Bags However, this year, some homeowners are noticing that their impatiens have been reduced to just stalks, and this was definitely before a frost.After your first inspection of the dying plants, you mighthave concluded that an animal came through and cleaned off the leaves or that a caterpillar munched off all the foliage. However, if any leaves are left, pick up one and look at the back of the leaf. If you see small white flecks that almost look like dust Fake Designer Bags, then your plant probably has impatiens downy mildew, a disease that is causing problems for anyone growing impatiens worldwide.In order for a disease to develop, three things must always happen: 1) the pathogen must be present, 2) there must be a susceptible host, and 3) the environmental conditions must be favorable for that pathogen to thrive.The pathogen that causes impatiens downy mildew is a fungus like water mold Plasmopara obducens. Fake Designer Bags

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