If Brazil were less corrupt, he says, it would be the richest

17 Nov If Brazil were less corrupt, he says, it would be the richest

The Broad Minded gentleman seems to be confused between a club team and a national team. Indian team consists of Indian Players and a local team, on the same logic must have a few local players. And to think of it Karnataka is the reigning champions of Ranj Trophy and as well as Irani Trophy and not to forget the limited over edition of this year too.

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It reminded me of many years ago when Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees fans would take over the Rogers Centre. During the mid to late 2000 the away fans were often much, much louder than the home fans at the Rogers Centre. There would be equal cheers at the dome for players like Derek Jeter and David Ortiz as there would be for Vernon Wells and Aaron Hill..

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