For example, try addressing a new constituency or initiate an

11 Nov For example, try addressing a new constituency or initiate an

Production Company The Wicked City (1926). Production Company Hunting in 1950 (1926). Production Company The Wind Jammers (1926). For example, try addressing a new constituency or initiate an unconventional strategic alliance. Instead of acting upon what you already know, start more sentences with, wonder if or would (and don stop) asking, will our world be different in 5 years? Make this your mantra and use it to inspire your team your Board and your stakeholders. Insist that the question beanswered without cynicism.

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In a Passages column earlier this week, the Spectator’s Mary K. Nolan captured Sobel, who died last month, at his caustic, hilarious, outrageous best. He was one of the most relaxed people I’d interviewed, hamming it up, insulting anyone he chose, and not taking his garden too seriously, even though it was gorgeous..

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