Vitale confirms “The Hygiene Hypothesis is thought to be one

29 Oct Vitale confirms “The Hygiene Hypothesis is thought to be one

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wholesale jerseys from china The latest update from Mylan in early October stated the cheaper generic would be available by the end of 2016, after initially saying it would be ready in just a few weeks.But back to that question of why? Why are we seeing so many more kids who are allergic to peanuts? “There are a lot of theories but this is an area of robust research that continues to be investigated” said Vitale. Again, there is no concrete silver bullet answer, but there are a few theories.ONE: THE HYGIENE HYPOTHESISThis idea is that modern medicine has become so good at preventing natural infections and that the immune system is not having to deal with many of the issues it dealt with decades ago. Vitale confirms “The Hygiene Hypothesis is thought to be one possible explanation for why atopic diseases (such as asthma and environmental allergies) are increasing in general.” The theory suggests that the increase in use of antibiotics and “clean living” leaves immune systems in a heightened state where they are more likely to attack harmless proteins such as those in certain allergenic foods. wholesale jerseys from china

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